The graph display the PPD curve based on definition set for each project by [email protected] scientists; enriched with data provided by the community indicating what TimePerFrame (TPF) was achieved with individual hardware.
If you want to contribute please use this write-only Dropbox to upload your log-file(s). All non-logfiles will be automatically deleted. Please consider that you share with me your donor name, team, used hardware; your passkey is not at risk as not part of the logfile. All log files will be scanned and relevant information stored in a SQL database. The logfiles might be archived for backup purpose and not shared further.

Disclaimer: Please keep in mind that information about overclocking or general system load are not available in the used log files. Please dont' make any purchase decision based on provided information as they are only indicative and based on average TPF figures.

Visualization are done with D3.js.

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